Famille de Saint Joseph

O Saint Joseph, the Church’s saint patron

par | 28 octobre 2014

O Saint Joseph, the Church’s patron saint, you who, close to the Word Incarnate,
worked every day to earn your bread, drawing from Him the strength to work and labour hard;
you who knew the fear of to-morrow, the bitterness of poverty;
you whose person appears as a bright example,
full as it is of humility in front of men but very great in God’s eyes,
do look at the immense family that you are entrusted with.
Bless the Church.
Give the Church your ever increasing support on the way towards evangelical faithfulness.

Give your protection to all labourers, all through their hard, daily existence,
preventing them from falling into discouragement, negative revolts or the temptations coming from pleasure.

Pray for the poor : all over the earth they continue to share in the poverty of Christ, ceaselessly arousing their better provided brothers’ providential help.

And keep peace all over the world: peace alone can ensure the development of nations and the complete fulfillment of human hopes.

For the well-being of mankind, the mission of the Church and the glory of the Holy Trinity.


Blessed Paul VI

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