Famille de Saint Joseph

Salutation to the holy Heart of Joseph

par | 4 mars 2006

Prayer to Saint Joseph by Fr Emile Arribart

We salute You, O saint Heart of Joseph united in the most saintly and pure love to the saint Heart of Mary, your spouse.

We salute You, O saint Heart of Joseph, chosen by God the Father, among all men, to love tenderly the Sacred Heart of Jesus, his only Son.

We salute You, O Saint Hearts of Jesus, of Mary and of Joseph, models of love, peace, fidelity, unity for all families we humbly ask for you to guard, to defend, to rescue in all their needs.

We adore You, O Holy Trinity and we bless you for all the gifts of the Spirit, all the Virtues, all the graces which you have granted to the Holy Heart of Joseph, from all eternity, in order to fulfill, in Your name, his noble and delicate mission towards Jesus and Mary.

We implore You, adorable Trinity, to glorify the holy Heart of Joseph by obtaining for us, by his intercession, the blessings we so badly need… (list the graces). Grant us the grace to live here on earth like him in the presence of Jesus and of Mary and to die, like him, under the tender and merciful gazes of Jesus and Mary, our Heart in the peace of God’s children’s. Amen.

Saint Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, pray for us, protect us, hear us.

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