Walking with felted step through the darkness of the Magritte Museum … Surrealism, one can read on the dark walls, consists in banishing from the mind the “already seen” and to seek the “not yet seen”.

In the foyer of Nazareth, then appears the Surrealist manifestation of the Verb. Make lectio of tired words (see Qo 1,8) and understand the Verb with bare hands (cf. 1Jn 1,1). Receive the Parable in the heart, without analysis, just by love. Immediate knowledge of the Real.

Saint Joseph, the undisputed master of Surrealism.

At the beginning of the book of Genesis, Noah is declared righteous (cf. Gen 6: 9) for producing what was necessary for the new world. He has accomplished the monumental task of feeding all the animal species of the Earth during their stay in the ark, without knowing anything about the way in which he did it.
In Genesis yet, Joseph is righteous (cf. Gen 41,39) for having nourished an entire people and saved the sons of the Promise. This work was also considerable: “Joseph stored corn like the sand of the sea” (Gen 41,49).
St. Joseph is righteous (cf. Mt 1,19) for a still greater work. He was the nourishing father of the Living Bread and today he also supports the needs of the Church without knowing how he does it. Under his vigilance, each day the sons of God receive the Daily Bread.
Saint Joseph, model of the priests, renew our love of the Eucharist.

Saint Joseph is at the heart of the biggest and most beautiful mystery : The Holy Trinity.

Indeed, by revealing to Joseph that the Spirit is at work in the maternity of Mary
(cf. Mt. 1,20), the angel does more than naming the Holy Spirit: he reveals to Joseph the person and the role of the Spirit. Joseph encounters then the Holy Spirit in his work of the devine maternity. Of course, this experience with the Spirit is not immediate, like the one of Mary at the Annunciation, but it has been given to Joseph to recognize and to welcome the work of the Spirit in Mary. At the time, Joseph received it all together, the Child and the Father, according to what our Lord taught us: “anyone who welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.” Mt. 10,40

St. Joseph initiate us to the mystery of the Holy Trinity, take us into your house in Nazareth.

Famille de Saint Joseph
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