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Thought 138

Charity for oneself should not be neglected. It requires genuine humility, the virtue by which one knows oneself deeply in truth, in his relationship to God and his brothers. A humility like that of St. Joseph.

Joseph, in fact, knew himself to be less than Jesus and Mary, but he agreed to be their father and husband. That is to say how humility, in revealing our smallness, reveals our greatness. Only the humble have the audacity to be holy ; they see that they are nothing and that God asks them everything.

Humility keeps us in our place, in total dependence on God. Whether we lend ourselves imaginary perfections or whether we overburden ourselves with excessive abjections, Joseph the Just is the example of the humble human equilibrium recognizing the gifts of God and using them according to his will.

Saint Joseph, show us the secrets of your heart !