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Thought 131

“Teach us how to pray” (Lk 11:1)

The life of prayer, life as a prayer, is the fundamental core of St. Joseph’s silence. No words are said, as well as writings, because prayer itself is taught by contamination. The child Jesus saw the prayer’s desire by observing Joseph on his knees. By contemplating Jesus praying, his disciples received the desire to pray like him. Now what is the desire of prayer, if not the desire of salvation? Jesus, indeed, responded to the disciples demand to be taught how to pray be revealing his most intimate desire: “I want that where I am, they too be with me.” (Jn 17:24) This desire was fully fulfilled in St. Joseph’s daily life with the Son in the intimacy of the Father.

St. Joseph, revive our desire of eternal happiness. Lift up the humble veil of silence and show us to pray. Open your home and take us beside you to contemplate the praying Child. Give us to receive salvation in the silence of trust in God who is our Father.