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Artisanat monastique

Thought 130

Summer, the season of festivals and cathedrals… Onstage, the artist, radiating light and emotion. Backstage, the team, both busy and discreet. As people walk up the nave, their faces fill with amazement at the bright rose-window and they look up towards a keystone. All around is the multitude of lusterless stones over which move the light and people’s looks.

The lives that are offered in a slow, generous, anonymous way are never wasted away. The power of the Kingdom is founded on the secret gifts offered in the warm hours of daily life. This must be remembered when one looks back on the year gone by, marked all along with unsatisfactory sucesses. This must be remembered when one turns one’s attention to the moment when work will be resumed : ambition kills apostolate. Nothing is as just as the measure coming from the Holy Spirit.

Saint Joseph, the deviser of hidden structures, the architect of our holiness, do help us take root where God wants us.