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Thought 126

To live in Nazareth is both a calling and a choice.
St Joseph had settled in Egypt with his family. There, life was arduous yet sweet. In the Jewish community people stuck together. In the Pharaohs’ capital cities people could find work more easily than in Galilee. Frienship with Egyptian families developed. The country was beautiful and peaceful. And, mainly, the land and sun of Egypt provided a setting for the pleasures and joys of infancy : it was there, away from Herod’s madness, that the Infant Jesus’ first words were uttered, that His first steps and moments of wonder took place.

The Years passed by peacefully until the Angel summoned them back to their country. Of course, no country ever destroys the love for one’ s own country and Herod had died. But Achelaus, a more violent and bloodthirsty man, had succeeded him : everything would have to be started again and daily life would be unsafe again.

St Joseph chose to settle in Nazareth, in the same way as, later on, Jesus was to decide to leave the Temple, its sumptuous liturgies and illustrious theologians, in order to go back and live with his mother and father. (Cf Luke 2,51). St Joseph answered the call or Nazareth in the same way as, later, the Apostles , filled with the light of the Risen One, did obey the angel inviting them to go to Galilee (cf Mt 28,7).

The way to Nazareth is through abdication. The only way to live in Nazareth is to choose Jesus, and Jesus alone (cf.Mk 9,8)