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Thought 117

Human loves are difficult. What is the part of God in these complicated paths ?

David and Bathsheba, for example. At first the king is not welcome : Bathsheba is married. And yet … he knows obscurely that the wife of Uriah offering herself to his prying eyes is for him. David is a conqueror, he is not afraid to take by force, even to take a life, since he must do it in order to possess the one he wants. He will be severely denounced by Nathan, but eventually God seems to espouse his plans: the couple is blessed with a new child and God loves Solomon (see 2 Samuel 12: 24-25). Is that not the main point ? Isn’t it the happy conclusion, the guarantee that our errors never put God in defeat ? The lovers met, no doubt there were destined, and they were married. The way was painful, but the world is made in such a way. The child will be happy, he will be king and blessed of God. Should we wait for more ?

Courageously, St.Joseph teaches us that the tortured paths and the shortcuts of violence are not inevitable. For Joseph, his consecration to God passes before everything and explains everything in his life. Thus, on the day when he feels he is in too much because his own wife seems to be taken from him, the nights when he meditates on the path that divine law opens before him, Joseph decides that only what is given is worth. Magnificent and exemplary decision. He will not take, he will not borrow, he will not force the hand of God. One does not constrain God, one receives from him, one receives him. St. Joseph teaches that hereditary violence and the desire to possess can be overcome by who receives the gift of God, which one is the child Jesus.

To seek the joy of Jesus with Joseph is to find the pacific paths through which God fills his beloved people.