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Thought 113

The Passion of the Lord is a mysterious time during which Jesus becomes silent. From now on, he only teaches with his actions. Joseph, carried by his whole life towards the treasures of interiority, foresees easily the essential of this revelation. Joseph feels the Passion like a mystery of union to the everlasting Father, and like an internal pain. This disposition is utterly important. If it is not first internal, the Cross is overwhelming. The Cross is a mystery of love, it is thus a mystery of interiority. Its actual nature is not visible in the whiplashes but in the torn heart of our Lord. This heartbreak reveals the one of our Father in Heaven who sees the pain of his children captives of sin and death. This heartbreak is the one of Joseph’s heart when he contemplates in advance his Son’s Calvary.

Saint Joseph, fair man, that is to say perfectly adjusted to God, perfectly adjusted to the Cross, knows it in advance because he discovers it interiorly. Joseph, along with the men waits for the forgiveness of his Son, but with his Son, he embraces the Cross that grants forgiveness.