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Thought 111

On the evening of the Last Supper, Saint Peter cried out : “I will never let my feet be washed by you, never” ( Jn, 13,8) The apostle refuses the Master’s will. His reaction testifies that it’s difficult to accept Jesus’ carefullnesses. Not that we refuse that he takes care of us, but because we hope he will do so in our own way, in our time. In this too, we must experience the humiliation of being entirely dependent on another for all these cares.

In the house of Nazareth, Saint Joseph had to live this difficult experience more intensely, as it was that true that God’s will consisted in commanding him in all things.

Have we ever heard a “My God, you will not be submitted to me ? ; no never ». As a good servant, Joseph received his Lord’s will in the silence of obedience.

The humble life of St Joseph in Nazareth illustrates what mean being served by the Master. Obeying as a son is for Joseph to command as a father ; for Peter is to be served by the Master ; for each one of us, it means giving up our greatnesses to come into the littleness of God. Experiencing this fight allows to enter through the narrow gate.