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Thought 108

We easily agree on the fact that Joseph is silent : we don’t hear him. But we don’t notice we don’t see him as much too. As we keep praying and loving him, we’re having a hard time trying to acknowledge his presence and action. Is that only because of him being discrete?
We should not overlook his holiness, it is the greatest one, just after Virgin Mary’s.
That is how pure his heart is and how great his authority is over the Enemy. That is how Saint Joseph is worth far more than us and every other saint. That is how different he is from us…
The stranger the people the more invisible they are from us.
That is why the quickest way to Saint Joseph is the way to the confessional.
By destroying all sin, Jesus Christ updates within us the surprising holiness of God. This light reveals us the real world: Joseph protecting us with his staff, Jesus carrying us upon his shoulders.