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Thought 104

“Joseph her husband, being a righteous man” (Mt 1:19).
We know very well that Saint Joseph was a righteous man, but rarely ask ourselves how his righteousness rose to such heights of perfection. How he grew up, how he learnt, how much he had to abandon, so that, in due time, he would recognize the Messiah hidden in the Virgin Mary’s womb. Saint Joseph, purified by the Holy Spirit.

We know very well that Saint Joseph was Mary’s husband. But we do not try hard enough to find out what Mary showed him, enlightening what he perceived of their daily life with a necessary supernatural light, revealing the infinite treasures of love, invisible under their derisory appearance. Saint Joseph, enlightened by Mary.

That is why receiving Saint Joseph as a father consists essentially in walking on the human path only him followed. Saint Joseph, Jesus’ father.