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Thought 95

What a strange and tenacious illusion the one that gives us the impression to control our life: we busied our time so much to take our mind off this basic reality/truth: our life doesn’t belong to us.

No sooner an accident crops up, no sooner we undergo a period of suffering than our disillusioned spirits became aware of our unbearable poverty.

But here comes the time of the Advent. It reminds us that Spiritual Life can be regarded as a waiting. What control have we got while waiting for a friend/ when we wait for a friend?

We depend on him, on the circumstances of his trip, of the way he plans his visit. The exercise is not an easy one. It is not only an exercise of being patient but also an exercise of humbleness and of imagination.

Waiting is the opportunity of quietly preparing the subtleness of the meeting.

The Advent consists in surrounding to the Other’s good will, it is the enthusiastic choice of dependence, opening one’s heart to Speech and Silence. The Silence cherished by Marie and Joseph.

Silent Joseph and Marie plunged into silence. And Jesus between both of them, overwhelmed with joy for being waited for.