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Thought 94

Waiting for a child is undoubtedly a great event. We feel it, we guess it and we may fear it, we imagine him because most of the time, indeed, we do not know who he is. The child understands this perfectly who spontaneously tries to identify their parental advices/expectancies and endeavors to stick to them. He grows up fashioned to this image.

How would the parents react differently as they have no idea who would the future child be? How would we get prepared for Christmas in another way than imagining Jesus fashioned to our image, as we do not know our future child?

The Advent of Marie and Joseph were far more different. At their place, the new child was expected as he truly is. It was not because they felt foreknowledge, but they knew the heart of God. Their waiting consisted in being fully devoted to God who reveals its presence every day.

Therefore, declaring that Joseph protected his pregnant Virgin also meant to declare that he was in the best position to protect our souls from any wills or desires to have control over God: let’s open our heart to the one who fashions us to his resemblance.