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Artisanat monastique

Thought 93

The carpenter with heart of gold is for all a familiar figure. The humble and courageous father is known better and better thanks to God. Joseph remains to be discovered as David’s son, incomparable king, the only one of his dynasty to tell that Israel has only one king: God. He did it by his silence, abdication for the Word and cradle of the Word. He did it too by being helpful, dedicated to Lord Jesus every day. He also did it by his adoration, kneeling in front of the king of the kings, in the nativity scene or in Nazareth.

What a favor for the child Jesus that Saint Joseph was really king of heart and dynasty! In this way the Lord of the lords realized that the royalty only exists in reference to the Father, that love is the only royal powers. Joseph’s royalty leads his son to be himself fully and freely.

Henceforth, it is as a king that Saint Joseph is more father.