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Thought 69

It all begins in Nazareth, which means that « no one can truly understand Jesus on the Cross without first entering the sanctuary of His Heart » (Pius XII).

For indeed, the Sacred Heart, being the symbol and place of divine love, harbours in its wound the indelible sign of its threefold victory, over the devil, over sin and over death. It is in Nazareth that this mystery is best brought to light through the union of the three Hearts: that of Jesus, that of Mary and that of Joseph. The task of Jesus’ Sacred Heart being to destroy the empire of Death, that of Mary’s immaculate Heart to defeat the Devil, that of Joseph’s very chaste Heart to destroy the power and ascendancy of sin, so true it is that he never kept the Gift of God for himself alone.The three Hearts, united in the Redeemer’s unique victory.

It is in Nazareth that begins the veneration of the Holy Cross in the worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.