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Thought 68

The life of Jesus as son is his relation to the Father as he offers himself and worships. Both of them : offering oneself and worshipping. Such is the mystery of Jesus and his open heart.
Getting deeper into the contemplation the Sacred Heart of Jesus made Joseph realize how deep the suffering of Jesus was due to his mission as a redemptor. First, Joseph’s passion consists in the discovery that Jesus’ suffering is still present nowadays. For indeed Jesus did not suffer so much from the tortures the Romans inflicted on him as from the distance existing between the Father’s purity and the sinners’ distress. Secondly, Joseph’s passion consists in the acceptance of the consequences of the love of Jesus for the Holiness of the Father. Thus , the deep-seated orientation of St Joseph’s humane nature became a pure movement of adoration and offering. Both adoration and offering.

Thus did Jesus find solace in his Heart in his home at Nazareth.