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Thought 65

At Fatima the Holy Virgin had announced the coming of St Joseph. And he came indeed on the appointed day. Solemn and fatherlike he was carrying Jesus, the Child King « and each of them raised his hand as a blessing sign» reported Sister Lucy. St Joseph and Jesus Christ working together for the salvation of the world, thus revealing the words -not yet read- from the verse in the Bible: « My father is at work all the time, and so am I myself » (Jn 5, 17)

Mary does invite one to see the presence of Joseph in Jesus’ works, including when, during the Passion, she -our Lady of Sorrows- and her Son on the Cross are the only ones left : then the Lord is blessing the world « in the manner of St Joseph ».

One century later, the Holy Virgin’s promise can still be heard and nourrishes our hope: « Saint Joseph will come with the Child Jesus in order to bring peace to the world ».