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Thought 59

By the bitter waters spreads the reunion’s beach, where the question « do you love me » (Jn 21, 16) keeps surprising. Because it is asked to the disciple who has been deprived from his hopes, the question reveals God’s love as consolation for the weak. On the contrary, Peter had a strong character and was gifted with entire qualities. Zealous, he clearly heard God’s call only after being hurt by his own betrayal. Obstinate, he had first to test the vacuity of his large properties. Such is very often the way for the rich and the elders : betrayal is their painful way of faithfulness and wisdom.

However St Joseph is opening another way, straight and offered to simple hearts : love Jesus when he offers himself and the way he does. St Joseph’s heart had intuitively undertsood that man can’t anything by himself. Only God’s love can everything. Only God’s love can make us love because he is first.

« Do you love me ? »