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Artisanat monastique

Thought 56

There is no month of Joseph on one side, misunderstood, then the month of Mary, later, unanimous. There is no worship of St. Joseph for some and marial devotion for all.

« His mother retained all these events in her heart » (Lk 2 :51). Who is attentive to Mary sees her who is silent and who contemplates the silence of Joseph and Jesus, the silence of the Father and the Son. Mary enters with them in silence and leads us along, as she did on Christmas Eve, as she will do at the foot of the Cross. To enter with the Virgin in the silence of Nazareth, is to place oneself under the protection of St. Joseph, who is the guardian of it. The silence that comes when Jesus comes is to be respected but not to be established, we enter by contemplating with Mary the beautiful relationship uniting Joseph and Jesus.

Let us take the time of silence. Let us be attentive to the silence in which God reveals Himself. Let us enter into the struggle of prayer, which always begins with the time of silence. Above all, let us ask St. Joseph to be the teacher and instructor of it.