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Thought 55

March, spring renewal. March, the month of St. Joseph. Does the association of these two youths escape providence?

Joseph’s heart, ebbing from cold reason, glowing with simple smiles and real joys, alive from the luminous friendship which expands the space of the encounter, marvelling at everything. In him, voiceless the genuine strength which is to rejoice in each epiphany, without growing weary, without ever losing hope. In him, admiration and reason are sisters, but admiration is the eldest, she who knows the secret paths of contemplation. Joseph’s tender heart, always happy with what God gives, watches over the Virgin who silently matured the fruit to be gathered in May. The beautiful heart of Joseph, always enthused about his mission as guardian, already sees rising the summer reign of Christ in the brilliance of the Transfiguration.

Heart of Joseph, bud of the Kingdom. March, month of St. Joseph, the father who is as young as the son.