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Thought 42

In the middle of the night. Joseph’s heart, open.

Night of the dreams, night of the escape, night of the nativity, night of the betrayal, night of the agony, night of the faith. The heart of Joseph is in prayer in every night, in each our night, wherever it is night in us. Our prayer is weak because we pray as an equestrian. No trade is commerce of love. One has to die to oneself to cry to the Father, one must die of thirst to pray to the Father. Thirsty for his presence, which alters the depths of being, a presence to oneself which makes the face lift up towards him, which is shown only to him. To him, the Father who loves us so well. To him, present the bottom of the heart, open to all the possibilities of love. To the greatest of his possibilities, especially, which is his Light in our nights.

Joseph’s heart, open, so that the Light of our lives may come.