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Thought 31

« You are my son » (Ps 2, 7). The Word is the second person of the Trinity, and in love he eternally receives himself from the Father. Radical poverty of the Son, who owns nothing but what he has received from the Father. He is the Son, the characteristic of which is to receive everything from the Father.

“You are the Christ” (Mk 8, 29). Second person of humanity. Radical poverty of the Saviour who is waiting for mankind to attest the fulfilment of the Scriptures and pray for salvation. Essential poverty of Christ our brother who is waiting for his people to recognize that we are one family. The Word became flesh, our flesh.

“You are my son, you are Christ”. Perfect echo of the love of the Father, perpetual confession of the Church, saint Joseph, you are the only one who has both relations to Jesus. Your fatherly heart and your love as a disciple both reveal the mysteries of the Messiah. They call for the whole world to recognize of the Son of Man. Saint Joseph, make us know the Saviour, intercede for our salvation, now and at the hour of our death!