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Thought 29

We usually say that « Curiosity is a bad thing ». It is true that it can lead to evil. However, should we stop being curious of everything and above all of God? The risk is not in curiosity but in the appropriation, in the monopolization that sometimes follow. Thus, supernatural curiosity, that tries to enter into the mystery in order to understand it, goes along with the wish of knowing God, which leads to selfsurrender in love. Let us look at Saint Joseph: he avoided the temptation of narrowing the mystery of his wife and her maternity, to such an extent that he withdrew in order not to disturb at all the growing of the grace. But the angel confirmed him in the boldness of love. And Joseph let himself seize by God in a total abandonment of his own life.

Saint Joseph, make the desire of knowing God growing within us, teach us how to let ourselves seized by the spirit of Nazareth the same way you welcomed Mary in your house.