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Thought 28

How can we know what is right? How can we be good? This question is required, every day and keep resisting. Every opportunity is unique, people and circumstances always different. If it happens to us to find a good answer, there is no guarantee that we will do it again later. Saint Joseph the Righteous man, what is your secret?

God gives the Law, the normative words marking the path toward him. But knowing the commandments is not sufficient. The Law marks an itinerary, but only the obedience covers it. The obedience is to be practiced in the dark and makes us fumble, it requires us to be free as only a son can be. The obedience is the spirit of the Law, it is the trial that makes us in the image of god.

Joseph the Righteous man, you are Joseph the obedient, Joseph the Son. Let us in the spirit of the Law, teach us how to imitate your Son, obeying till the Cross, so that we live totally in justice.